Little Shadow V2 in SG & My Little Slice of Toy-History with 3A

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When I received an email in my inbox with a tracking number for this figure, the first thought popped into my mind; "…they must have made a mistake, I didn't order this!?" ... Then another thought popped in; "… or maybe it's like back in the good old days where they'd surprise me again with free figures for review?!" .... Then I remembered that I actually DID preorder her back when she dropped in mid-February 2015!

It has been years , but I should already have recognized and accepted that whatever "love" 3A had shown me in the beginning of their existence, has since been long extinguished and faded in time hahaha but it's alright, it's okay, I recognize this as part of "the game" ...

And it's without irony that the figure they stopped sending me before it all abruptly "ended", was Little Shadow V1 - which I had dearly anticipated but did not order as I was unsure if I would be sent one at all in the first place (and I did not email to ask for it the first place) … I subsequently missed the online drop, and no more toys came in from the company I did not pay for too … I remembered I really wanted her then hahaha ... That'll show me not to be toy-greedy and ever expect any further goodwill from anyone hahahaha!

aaaahhhh the memories of a #toylife and #bloglife I lead and have led for the past decade :)

Can't wait to open her up though! Will share pics when I do, of course :)