The Last Why (JP Toys exclusive) by Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise announces their next product to be a “JP Toys” exclusive, with THE LAST WHY scheduled for a pre-order beginning November 1st (@ 00:00am HKT) via

This piece sees the Lowfool “Batman”-inspired figure (last seen as “The Last Ride” (seen at TTF2016) now transformed into the Joker-version (ala the Suicide Squad version that never saw any theatrical screen time but is sold by everybody else lol), featuring glow-in-the-dark elements!

Priced at US$295 (+30US Global Shipping) and limited to 200 pieces worldwide (Available to ship on 4th quarter 2016), Lowfool stands at an approximate 33cm tall, and the set features Vinyl (Glow in the Dark), PVC, ABS, Resin, Fabric-makes.

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]


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