“The Rabbbits In Delusionville” by Ron English GoFundMe & Launch Party on Feb 26th

The Rabbbits In Delusionville” gofundme project by Ron English is now live @ www.gofundme.com, with a US$30k goal.
WHAT-iS: "Conceived by artist Ron English as an Animal Farm meets Alice in Wonderland rock opera, The Rabbbits in Delusionville project will result in a full-length 3-CD set with lyric book. Check out the exclusive prizes available for the funding community!"

In tandem with the project, is THE RABBBITS LAUNCH PARTY - happening Sunday Feb 26th (7pm-10pm) at Towne Crier (379 Main St., Beacon NY).
"The Rabbbits Band comes to Towne Crier for a night of Delusionville! The Rabbbits Band will play 10 songs introducing the quirky inhabitants of Delusionville.
Special guests include pop punk band Ate Bit, teenage sisters Rhiannon and Rowan Parsaca, and youtube guitar hero Messiahsez. From 6:00 to 7:00 there will be a free Ron English art event."

Source: @ronenglishart / @team_popaganda


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