NAUGHTY BRAIN’s XUAN ZANG Available To Order Now!

Since my earlier feature, NAUGHTY BRAIN’s XUAN ZANG has since been made available to order! Also available are PRINTS - scroll down for further deets about them.

Each of the three editions (Regular, Gold and Bronze) are priced at US$150.00 (inclusive Free Shipping), and you can order them either via (A) Emailing “”, or (B) Instagram messaging Curious Boy at @akacuriousboy.

Coming in with two pieces including the figure itself, and removable “head of the white dragon horse”, “Xuan Zang” stands at a total height of 26cm (x 2cm width x 11.5cm thick), and is the third art figure to be released from the "EAST TO WEST" myth x stylized hiphop characters.


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