#TOYLIFE July 10-16.2017 & An Explanation of What #toyexcavation Is

Someone asked me (on Facebook) what I meant by “excavation”, for when I hash-tagged my Instagrammed-pics, so this is my attempt at an “explanation” … BUT FIRST, the (online) Dictionary definition:

excavation” (noun)
- is the action of excavating something, especially an archaeological site.

(synonyms): ”unearthing, digging up, uncovering, revealing…”

- “a site that is being or has been excavated.

TOYSREVIL’s “toy-excavation” is whereby I dig up unlabelled brown boxes - which are filled with toys since stored away in TOYSRVIL HQ (my “site” being excavated”) - and bring them to the light of day NOW, and have pictures taken of, and posted on Instagram … and more often than not, put back into storage, alas … “Tragic” (for the toys), I know.

And there you have it (thanks for asking Allen Quintos), and here’s this past week’s worth of #toylife & #toy-excavation for your viewing pleasures!

*Fill in your own caption* :) #toylife (Toys from @maxtoyco & @mafiafactory)

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#TOYSREVIL #toyexcavation 7/16 #toylife #bandai #kamenrider #toy #supersentai #maskedrider

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